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Our main purpose is to support you in developing and implementing pharmacy strategies. Are you planning to switch your product from Rx to OTC, are you facing loss of exclusivity or do you want to integrate pharmacists in your activities? Do you run a pharmacy and do you want to offer new services? We are specialized in pharmacy marketing (Rx & OTC), in increasing the centricity of patient counselling, improving responsible use and maximizing medication adherence. With over 25 years of international experience for developing dedicated medical, marketing and sales communication strategies for community and hospital pharmacies and successfully implementing them, we have the capabilities you are looking for.

Below, you can find some examples of our work – but it doesn’t end there. Contact us to discuss your specific project!

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Pharmabrain has 25 years of experience. Our trainers and authors are pharmacists and physicians working with patients. We also work with commercial experts from pharmaceutical industry: strategists, marketeers and sales heroes. You name it, we play it! With our digital team of software coders and developers, we are ready to boost your digital presence. For training, market research and experiments, you can use Pharmabrain’s Research and Training center “THE LAB” located in Berlin, Germany.

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Publications (English)

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My pharmacy. Show competence, retain customers, build your own brand.

Laven A. ISBN: 9783774112421.

A customer, help! 32 recipes for success on how to better advise tricky customers in the pharmacy.

Laven A. ISBN: 9783774110908.

Publications (German)

PHARMAGRIPS: Structured pharmaceutical counselling in the self-medication of the common cold. A randomized controlled study (RCT).

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